Harrison: 'Snacks' nickname 'here to stay'

The former Jet defensive lineman turned Giant, isn't running away from his old moniker.

Defensive lineman Damon Harrison joined the New York Giants via free agency this past weekend. Yesterday he had a conference call to talk about making his decision to join the Giants and bringing his “Snacks” nickname to the Big Blue.

When asked how he was perceived when he entered the league compared to his current status now, Harrison felt he had to overcome the low expectations of him. 

"When I came into the league I was pretty much viewed as a camp body—somebody who they brought in to see if I could play; the rookie camp and I made it through the rookie mini-camp and the expectations were low," said Harrison.

Harrison admitted that he often thought of the possibility of being let go, yet he turned it into motivation and worked harder because of it.

“Trust me; I don’t think I’ve made it at all, I still have a lot to prove to myself," noted Harrison.

Harrison would later be ask about played in to his decision to join the Giants such as moving and having that freedom to make decisions.

“I could live in the house I’ve been living in for some time now,” he stated.”But I’m choosing to move closer on this side so I can get to work a whole lot easier.”

Harrison would say that he would’ve moved halfway across the country if he had to, and location wouldn’t have mattered. Even though he is not as big as he used to be, the nickname “Snacks” is still with him throughout his career given to him by former New York Jets coach Rex Ryan. Harrison intends to bring it with him to East Rutherford.

“I can’t run from it. I didn’t like it at first, but it’s grown on me and the fans love it, so Snacks is here to stay,” Harrison said.

Joining the Giants allows Harrison to join with defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins to help solidify the defense the Giants are looking for. With Hankins recovering from a pectoral tear, the two haven’t been acquainted yet.

“No sir, I haven’t reached out to him," said Harrison. "I think I’ve seen him off the field maybe once or twice.” Yet he revels in the future work of the two saying “I think it will be fun with me and big Hankins in the middle.”

Harrison has put big expectations on himself and he also realizes what’s expected of him.

“They invested a lot in me, and I know they’re expecting a lot out of me.”


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