Harrison lets Giants fans vote for his jersey number

Former Jet endears himself to the Giants fan base.

Defensive end Damon Harrison is fresh off signing with the New York Giants and has just incorporated the fans into deciding his jersey number. Upon joining his new team, Harrison took to twitter to ask his fans to decide between the No. 93 and No. 98. The overwhelming favorite and choice ended up going to to No. 98. The number that used to be worn by former Giants defensive end Damontre Moore, who was unfortunately cut by the team in December over a pair of Beats headphones. No. 93 was also a number of another former Giants defensive end in George Selvie who also did not return with the team. Joining the Giants there was no way Harrison could occupy his old No. 94 as it's taken by linebacker Mark Herzlich. Learning of the importance of the number to Herzlich because of his battle with Ewings sarcoma disease, Harrison eventually succumbed to getting a new number.

The gesture was a smart move on Harrison’s part. With this move as it allows his to bring his fans from the New York Jets and his new fans from the Giants together. It not only helps show the appreciation that he has for his fans but also the appreciation that the Giants have to allow this move to occur. The fans will love Harrison for this because it will help welcome as a newcomer to the team and the Big Blue Nation. Fans love this type of involvement and energy because it lets them see the kind of person that Harrison is. He is all about the fans, the organization he plays for, and giving all his energy to the game of football. Those type of players end up having big time moments that play into people's minds forever.

Harrison's actions are similar to those of former Cleveland Cavaliers player Anderson Varejao because of how involved he was involved with the Cleveland fanbase. They appreciated his endless energy and his determination to make an impact on the court no matter how many minutes he played. They showed their love for him back by wearing his signature wigs and numerous journeys to games. The organization also showed their appreciation for his hard work by keeping him around even during the years that Lebron wasn't around.  Harrison can become that type of player, someone that the fans and team can rally around. Let's see if the new number change can bring that positive energy to the field,.

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