Anquan Boldin will draw interest from Giants

The long-time NFL receiver could be a great fit with the G-men.

            Since the NFL free agency is trending now these days, it’s a bargain-hunting time for each football team. The New York Giants are in an early $200 million free agent shopping spree to build a roster that’s capable of avoiding a fourth straight losing season. With the San Francisco 49ers team is now in the process of a free market, they are losing wide receiver Anquan Boldin. This could make veteran like Boldin be available to the Giants on a one-year deal.

            With the second week of the free agency finally sparking some interest in newcomers, The Giants are in a second-round draft pick. They do not have a legitimate No. 2 receiver for their roster, with Victor Cruz missing the last 26 games hoping to regain his form following up with knee and calf surgery and taking a reduction in salary to remain on the team. The team cannot go into the season without Cruz so now they have to look for receivers. Since the receiver market is now deep, they are showing interested in Boldin. 

            Boldin finds himself in big boy shoes now for being a free-agent where he has the chance to escape for one more chance in a lifetime in the field. Since he is still a productive player and always keeps himself in great shape, it makes him more attractive for many franchises. By the end of being in the San Francisco 49ers team, it’s going to be hard for him to be pressed in finding a deal with more than just a one guaranteed season.  

            Rand Getlin, a reporter for the NFL Network, approached and mentioned that in the free agency Boldin wants to play for a team that can compete at the highest level that’s important to him. He could join the offense as a flex player similar to his role with the Cardinals.

            For those who think Boldin will be staying with the 49ers can call it a quits. The San Francisco team is looking for a younger wide receiver and Boldin should go anywhere that needs a real quarterback, not particularly like Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert. When he leaves, there will be a few teams that will come to mind for Boldin. We will see what team he will end up in that can give him great results in the later run.

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