Best and Worst Moves from Giants Free Agency

An inside look at the highs and lows of the first two weeks of the Giants free agency period.


The New York Giants have had a great free agency run in 2016. Their main objective was to shore up their defense, as they were ranked last in the entire NFL. So within the last two weeks and a half, they made very key pick ups to help push them in the right direction. They got Olivier Vernon, Janoris Jenkins, and Damon Harrison all for the defensive side of the ball. The Giants definitely spent a lot of their payroll money.Based on the major contracts that they have given out, they have spent up to $196 million dollars. One contract that was given to Vernon was worth $85 million! The Giants weren't taking any chances during this free agent period, after not being in the postseason for the fourth season in a row. Now it's time to rank the free agents that they have acquired by who was the best and who was the worst.

             The best free agent pickup for the Giants was the acquisition of Vernon. The former Dolphin came to New York Giants via free agency on March 9th. His contract of $85 million is the richest contract for a defensive end in NFL history. Coming off the end of last season, he led the Dolphins with 61 tackles and 7.5 sacks. He is a very young and durable player at the age of 25. The Giants are looking for his youth and available years to tap into his great potential. Being ranked previously as the number one 4-3 last season and signing with the Big Blue for five years is a positive thing for the Giants to lock up.

             The worst free agent pickup for the Giants that of linebacker Keenan Robinson. Coming from  the Washington Redskins, he has been marred by inconsistent play and injuries. His first two  seasons was limited due to a torn pectoral and miss multiple games because of shoulder and rib injuries. Yet when he played against the Giants, he had some of his better games as in 2014 he had his first interception and a career best 13 tackles against them. Due to his past battles with injuries, he was only signed to a one year $2.6 million dollar contract with incentives. There is a slight chance that he may start because of different injuries and retirements throughout the Giants linebackers. So even though there may be some promise, there is also a cause for risk.

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