Coughlin still working out at Giants facility

After 12 seasons at the helm, Big Blue's head coach can't seem to break his daily routine of working out at the team's facility.

With Tom Coughlin no longer coaching the New York Giants, he still meanders over to the Giants facility in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The former coach visits the facility several days a week to squeeze in the early-morning workouts that which has become such a part in his daily routine for the past decade. However, it shouldn’t feel awkward considering that Coughlin no longer has a position within the organization. Some comments have occurred that he’s sort of like the character George Costanza in the sitcom “Seinfield” posing as a Yankees employee that does not work at the stadium.

            Does that make sense? A coach fired and still returning to daily workouts.

            His split with the Giants was not graceful as it seems to be. With his final season with the team became a tumultuous one by finishing at 6-10, it also includes that Jason Pierre-Paul's fireworks accident, as well with Coughlin’s controversial decision to leave an out-of-control player Odell Beckham Jr. in the game against the Carolina Panthers that seemed to seal the fate of his coaching job.

Following the season, Coughlin stepped down as the head coach to prevent the Giants from firing him. Since Coughlin has a daily routine of early morning workouts, the Giants will not do anything about it because they will leave their doors open to the coach that won them two Super Bowls.

“He always welcome here. That’s never been an issue.” President and co-owner John Mara said about Coughlin just hanging around the team facility.

With Coughlin being two months removed from stepping down as the head coach, it's unclear what is next for him. Since he hasn’t ruled out a return to coaching, there will be no guarantee that he will get  back into a job this season.

"I still think he's trying to figure out what he's trying to do," Mara said. "We'll see. We haven't closed the door on [returning to the Giants] yet."

Mara cleared up any perceived tensions between him and Coughlin, however, but didn't clarify exactly what the winning head coach plans to do. 

For now, Coughlin will do those early morning workouts.



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