Is Ryan Nassib Giants QB of the future?

The Giants don't want to think about life without Eli Manning, but in a few short years they'll need to decide who will take over the reigns of the offense.

            It is hard for Giants fans to comprehend, but Eli Manning might only have a few years left in the tank. Peyton Manning retired at the age of 39 and rode off into the sunset after a Super Bowl victory. Younger brother Eli recently turned 35, so if you want to use his big brother as a comparison, he has 4 years left. Ryan Nassib has played well when given the opportunity, but many question whether he is a reliable enough backup for the aging Manning.

             Nassib, is in the final year of his rookie contract. As Nassib is set to hit the market next offseason, the Giants are likely considering addressing the backup quarterback spot this offseason, rather then waiting until next year. The simplest option would be re-signing Nassib. When given opportunities, Nassib has excelled. However, the former Syracuse standout has only played when the Giants were getting blown-out, or blowing-out the opposing team. Nassib has played in two NFL regular season games, having a combined 128 yards, 1 touchdown, 0 interceptions, 9-10 on passing attempts, and a near perfect 152.1 passer rating in those two regular season appearances. Nassib has definitely proved he can be a reliable backup, the question now is whether he is satisfied with the role of backup quarterback for the next 4 years or so.

             Another option for the Giants would be to select a quarterback in the NFL Draft. The Giants would not waste their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round picks on a backup quarterback. That being said, quarterback Dak Prescott out of Mississippi State is said to be a 4th round caliber quarterback and could be a good fit for the Giants. Prescott brings a unique element to the field, which, for the most part, previous Giants quarterbacks haven’t possessed. That element is running the football. Prescott had 588 yards rushing adding 10 touchdowns on the ground this past season along with 3,793 yards passing, 29 passing touchdowns, and a mere 5 interceptions, adding up to an excellent 151.0 passer rating. The overall analysis most scouts conclude that Prescott is a very raw prospect, meaning that he would be a project, but with Eli being the sure starter for years to come, Prescott would have plenty of time to develop and learn from Big Blue's starter.

             Nassib will likely test the market next offseason, as he will look to go somewhere where he could potentially compete for a starting quarterback spot. It would definitely be a safe and wise idea for the Giants to take a quarterback in the later rounds of the NFL Draft.




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