Giants making changes to training regimen

Big Blue's head coach is looking to cut down on injuries in 2016.

The New York Giants have statistically been the most injured team in the NFL over the past three seasons. The Giants are very aware of this issue and seem to be putting energy toward improving many of their health programs.


            Longtime Giants strength and conditioning coach Jerry Palmieri was fired back in January, and Aaron Wellman of Notre Dame was hired as his replacement. This was the first step towards trying to prevent the injury bug from biting the Giants once again this season.

             The next step is being put into place, as Ben McAdoo recently announced that the team will make changes to the weight room and nutrition program to help with training and injury prevention.


            “There’ll be some changes,” McAdoo said. “We’re going to have some things, whether it’s from the coaching perspective, whether it’s from the weight room perspective, nutritionally - we’re going to look at a lot of different things and change a lot of different things, tweak them. Again, it’s evolution not revolution, that’s what we’re sticking by. A lot of things we’ve changed here recently, but we’re just going to build on that a little bit, and I think the players will appreciate it.”


            Injuries are obviously tough to prevent and every NFL team endures them, but for the Giants it has started to become less of a coincidence and more of a trend. They have found themselves among the most injury-prone teams in each of the last five seasons, and it is encouraging that they are finally trying to buck this trend.


            “The players haven’t arrived yet, but we have to set the table for them,” McAdoo said. “It is exciting, we do have a lot going on. We’re transforming in a lot of areas, but we do look forward to getting the players back here and getting started.”


            The fact that this issue is being openly talked about as a major focus for this team should give some confidence to Giants fans who have repeatedly seen their playmakers unable to perform. Only time will tell if McAdoo and the Giants are able to have success with this new training regimen, but I think everyone can agree that it is a step in the right direction for this franchise.


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