McAdoo: Giants players will have Mondays off

New York will give its players extra rest at the start of each week.

The Giants have endured the same routine for the past 12 years under former head coach Tom Coughlin. Now, with Ben McAdoo at the helm, it is time for some change.

            McAdoo has created his own agenda in the Giants locker room and it starts with the foundation.  The team will adopt “a little more tempo,” as McAdoo put it, in everything that they do whether it is on the practice field or in the weight room.

The new head coach wants to see the team give everything they have, nothing less.

            “When I got hired, we spoke about evolution not revolution,” said McAdoo. “…We do need to tweak some things and make some adjustments.”

            These adjustments may look like McAdoo wants to run the team to the ground. On the contrary, duration and intensity of practices and workouts will be so that players can give 100% without damaging their bodies.

The new mindset began when McAdoo hired a friend in strength and conditioning coach, Aaron Wellman, who will incorporate this faster pace into the team’s daily workout regiment.

            The hiring of Wellman, along with most of the changes, can be attributed to the injury problems last season. The Giants couldn’t seem to catch a break when it came to keeping their players healthy, which led to a dismal 6-10 season. McAdoo wants to conserve his players’ energy, and that begins with another big change when the season starts.

            “First things first, in the season we’re going to give players Monday off,” McAdoo said. “We’ll bring guys in on Tuesday to keep things a little more consistent that way, to give them an opportunity to rest.”

            This move may seem bold, but it will allow players who are banged up from the night before to get treatment and rest. In turn, the player will hopefully be alleviated from any ailments and ready to go for next week’s grind.

            Since entering the league with the New Orleans Saints in 2004, McAdoo knows what it takes to put a successful and efficient team on the field every Sunday, which is why this new agenda was put in place.

            These ideas were not born out of thin air, but rather, are an accumulation of what McAdoo has learned over his years in the NFL.

            “It’s something I’ve been putting together since probably 2008, 2009,” McAdoo said. “Thinking about it each, talking to different coaches, different players…You just start to catalog things, and when you get a chance to get your hands on an opportunity, you want to attack it.”

            McAdoo is already setting the tone for the 2016 Giants, and the team will embrace their new routine when offseason workouts begin on April 11.   




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