McAdoo assembles 'game management team'

Big Blue's new leader is looking to avoid repeating late game meltdowns the team suffered last year, but is he micromanaging the situation a little bit too much?

The New York Giants had a season to forget in 2015, the main reason being the inability to close out games late in the fourth quarter. Head coach Ben McAdoo believes that he may have a solution that will help eliminate these blunders heading into this season.


“We’re going to have a game management team, so to speak. We’re going to meet, as we iron it out, it’s either going to be on Saturday mornings or Friday afternoons, depending on the schedule, and make sure we’re on the same page going into the game, and we’re seeing the same things as the game develops.”


McAdoo said “about six” people will be on the committee, but he declined to identify them.


It has been awhile since the season concluded, so for some perspective let’s take a look at a recap of the Giants fourth quarter collapses of last season.


In Week 1 against Dallas, the Giants led 26-20 with 1:37 remaining in the game, which they ended up losing by a score of 27-26.


In Week 2 against Atlanta they had a 20-17 lead with four minutes and 38 seconds to go in the fourth quarter. They lost 24-20.


In Week 8 against New Orleans they were up 49-42 with six minutes and 41 seconds left in the fourth quarter. They lost 52-49.


In Week 10 against New England, the Giants were up 26-24 with less than two minutes to play. They lost 27-26.


In Week 13 against the Jets, the Giants had a 20-10 lead entering the fourth quarter. They lost 23-20 in overtime.


It is understandable that McAdoo wants to do something to correct these failures, but he may be micromanaging this situation. The Giants have always been a good fourth quarter team, and one year of misfortune in that phase of the game should not lead to the formation of a separate committee tasked specifically with avoiding late game meltdowns. Yes, Tom Coughlin and the Giants made numerous poor coaching and game management decisions, but the players need to take responsibility for their performances as well.


It feels as though McAdoo is already over-managing before the draft and training camp have even started. He undoubtedly wants to make a splash in his first season as head coach, but the Giants storied history speaks for itself, and he should be careful about making so many changes to a franchise that has demonstrated so much success in the past.



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