Josh Norman, OBJ exchange jabs on Twitter

The Giants wide receiver and Panthers cornerback haven't exactly buried the hatchet.

Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman are not very fond of each other.  That much was established in their Week 15 matchup where they repeatedly went after one another throughout the game. Now in the offseason, the two have traded punching and pushing for verbal jabs.

So far this offseason, Norman has been making a lot of appearances on sports talk shows. Odell Beckham jr. sent out a tweet where he said that Norman should thank him for what he has done for Norman. Of course in this day and age, Norman saw the tweet and responded to Beckham jr. criticizing his inability to include Norman’s twitter tag in the tweet that was clearly directed towards him.

It seems part of OBJ’s reasoning for the tweet might have been due to his agitation of Norman’s ranking of the top five wide receivers where he was not included. Most pundits believe that he is a top five receiver, but it looks like Norman doesn’t agree. Norman included Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, A.J. GreenDez Bryant and his teammate Kelvin Benjamin. Even though OBJ didn’t crack his top five, he did mention that OBJ would be in his top ten.

 In their matchup, both players seemed to lack self-control and they each hurt their teams with penalties and bone-headed plays. Despite Norman’s ability, Beckham jr. finished the game strong and recorded six catches for 76 yards and a score. Yet, Norman got the victory and an eventual trip to the Super Bowl.

 It’s pretty clear that these guys won’t be seen hanging out.  If they meet again at some point next postseason, there will surely be a lot of attention brought to this matchup.



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