Playoffs or Bust for McAdoo's Giants?

A new season, brings new expectations for the Giants, but if they miss the playoffs for the fifth straight year will it be a major disappointment?

Playoffs or bust is always a question when it comes to teams trying to achieve success. When teams know they possibly won’t be contending for a championship, the next best thing for them that can happen is making the playoffs. If they can have a decent run in the postseason like even making the second round, they accomplished something.

It’s all about progression especially when a team is rebuilding. Going from not making the playoffs for four consecutive years then suddenly battling a close game in the divisional round of the postseason can shock everyone. It allows the players to believe in themselves and think for the great days ahead in next season.

Now, the New York Giants are coming off four years in a row of not making the playoffs. With all the negativity surrounding the team, they made sure this offseason to try and shore up any weaknesses, specifically along the defensive line by re-signing Jason Pierre-Paul, signing Olivier Vernon and Damon Harrison. They have also added new coach Ben McAdoo to incorporate a new style of leadership.

Is it truly playoffs or bust for the Giants?

I don’t think the Giants need to put any type of pressure on themselves that they don’t need. Being in the tri-state area, the media will always try to build they hype of what is to be expected of their teams.  It’s important for McAdoo to make sure the team sets and believes in its own expectations first before trying to live to those outside that locker room. If it is just making the playoffs, then they must take the building blocks throughout the season that will help make that a realization. New York fans sometimes lack patience, but that might be the one thing that they may need to become the successful franchise they once were. 

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