Coughlin: 'Time to move on' from Giants

The Giants old ball coach doesn't see a front office role moving forward with the organization.

While the Mike and The Mad Dog reunion gave attendees a chance to catch up on each others lives, the reunion also gave New York Giants fans a chance to catch up on whether Tom Coughlin may take on a role with the Giants. After stepping down as head coach of the Giants, John Mara made it clear that the organization would be open to Coughlin returning to the Giants in an undisclosed role.

            What was made clear was that Tom Coughlin is not interested in returning to the Giants. During the Mike and The Mad Dog reunion, Coughlin was asked about possibly taking on a role with the Giants. After taking a moment of silence, Coughlin answered by stating that it is “time to move on”, indicating that he has no interest in a role with the Giants.

            Though Coughlin is not returning to the Giants as a member of the team, Coughlin had reportedly been working out at team facilities multiple times per week. Questions will definitely rise now that it is known Coughlin is not interested in a job with the Giants. It should not be a surprise if the Giants do decide to not allow Coughlin in team facilities after Coughlin’s statement from the Mike and The Mad Dog reunion.

            .Multiple media outlets have also reported that Coughlin has not been at team facilities in “about 4 weeks”. It seems as though Coughlin will likely have no relationship with the Giants going forward, and that the team pushing him out is more important than the 12 seasons he had with the Giants.

            Along with Coughlin’s comments about a position with the team, he also voiced frustration with the team’s free agency spending. When asked about the Giants investing in the defense during his tenure as coach, Coughlin replied, “It didn't happen, now it's happening”. Clearly, Coughlin does not have very positive feelings towards the Giants organization after being forced out as head coach, and if things keep heading in the direction they are headed in, Coughlin and the Giants will have no relationship whatsoever in the future. 


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