Ezekiel Elliot says Giants can win Super Bowl if they draft him

The Ohio State star thinks the sky is the limit for Big Blue if they draft him at No. 10 overall.

Ezekiel Elliott is one of the biggest names heading into the draft. Many scouts have mixed reviews and opinions on the running back, and it is mystery as to when in the draft he will be selected. He has been selected as early as fourth overall in some mock drafts, and there are mock drafts that have him left out of the first round. It is almost certain Elliott will be drafted in the first round, but fourth overall is not likely. There is a solid chance that when the New York Giants are on the clock, Elliott is still on the board.

            Fans have many mixed feelings as to whether or not the Giants should consider drafting the stud running back. Some say that Rashad Jennings hasn’t been good enough, and that with the offense as good as it is, drafting an explosive running back like Elliott could be the finishing touch to one of the leagues top offenses. Then, there are fans that say there are too many other needs that must be addressed when running back isn’t necessarily a need.

            Recently, Elliott was asked about the possibility of playing for the Giants.

Elliott said, "That would definitely be a great landing spot for me. I can see it now: Eli, Odell, and then me. That's a three-headed monster right there. I think we'd give everyone a run for their money. I think we could go win a Super Bowl pretty early."

Elliott was in awe of the idea of playing with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. He even went to the extreme as to say that the Giants could win a Super Bowl by drafting him.

            Elliott is as complete of a player as the draft has. He is a phenomenal rusher, and excels in catching the football. There is no doubt that Elliott would be a huge addition to the already fantastic offense, but the question now stands as to whether the Giants would ignore their greater needs to add Elliott to the backfield. As of now, it is unlikely that the Giants will draft Elliott as they have been filling holes this offseason, and there are still holes that need to be filled. Many things can change between now and the NFL Draft, so we’ll have to wait and see what the Giants think about the star running back. 

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