MetLife Stadium turf getting replaced

The home to the Jets and Giants will be replacing turf this offseason.

 MetLife stadium will be changing their turf soon in preparation for the upcoming season. Most likely in an attempt to promote player safety, organizations have been changing over to new types of turf to lessen the impact of players hitting the ground and also more cost efficient maintenance.


Outdoor stadiums in particular, ones that reside in the cold, would benefit from the usage of turf as opposed to the standard grass field.


When MetLife became the grounds for Super Bowl XLVIII, the field was replaced with turf for player safety. This prevented the NFL from having to bring in specially grown sod and groundskeepers to set it up. In addition, the surer footing of the turf prevented players from slipping or falling mid-game.


However, from the player’s angle, the field can either be a hindrance or an aid. Many players have expressed some concern with turf being too hard and not providing a suitable surface to fall on. On the other hand, some players have expressed an indifference to the type of field.


From a cost standpoint the turf field is a more economical decision for franchises. But with the recurring need to address concussions, teams will have to address the field at which these players collide on. In the end, if the Giants play the course of the season and no one makes a comment about the field, then someone has done their job right.



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