Giants offseason workouts start April 11

Big Blue gearing up to start workouts in mid-April.

Preseason workouts are about to commence for the New York Giants. The starting building blocks for their possible championship run, begins on April 11. That will kick a nine week period with a variety of workouts that will help prepare the players for the season. Preseason workouts are all about making sure the players who aren’t in the best shape, can work them into a comfortable position where they can work themselves into shape. The NFL prides itself on having the best players and professionals in the world and can’t produce the product it wants if its players aren’t mentally and physically prepared.  For the Giants, it allows the team to incorporate its new defensive additions and the system that their new coach Ben McAdoo wants them to abide by. The team would like to try and build chemistry so they all can become familiar with each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The workouts periods will go by phases where the first two weeks will help build strength and conditioning and rehab for some players. The following three weeks will allow individual player development while also separate team practices. The last four weeks will consist of 10 different days of team practice without live contact but different numbered drills are permitted. The Workouts run May 23-24, May 26, June 1-3, June 6-7, and June 9-10. Voluntary Minicamp starts April 26 and end on the 28th, while the mandatory camp starts on June 14 till the 16th

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