Steve Spagnuolo on the hot seat in 2016

With a rebuilt defense at his disposal, it's put up or shut-up time for New York's defensive coordinator.

After a disappointing season for the New York Giants there is some debate whether or not Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo could be on the hot seat if there is not some serious improvement.

 A Tom Coughlin favorite, Spagnuolo was with the team during their Super Bowl victory in 2007. He ran a defense that stopped the undefeated New England Patriots in their tracks. His pedigree gave him the chance to leave the Giants and become the St. Angeles Rams head coach in 2009. After little success with them and brief stint as the Saints Defensive Coordinator, the Giants brought Spagnuolo back, but it did not go over so well when the Giants ranked last in the league in total defense in 2015

 This off-season the Giants orchestrated a spending spree where they poured money into the defensive side of the ball. After getting word from the top of the organization, Jerry Reese brought in and re-signed about $200million in players for Spagnuolo to play with. It may very well be a make or break season for the former Rams head coach if he cannot turn things around after not only a disappointing season, but with the organization investing their future in defensive players.

 It will not be difficult to improve on a last ranked defense, but a substantial improvement in game planning will get Spagnuolo off the chopping block and bring the Giants back into the playoff conversation.





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