Giants omit "Redskins" name in schedule release

Big Blue announced its 2016 regular season schedule and referred to every opponent by its team name except the team from the nation's capital.

Similar to a move done by the Philadelphia Eagles organization last year, the New York Giants elected to not refer to the Washington Redskins by their mascot’s name in a release of the 2016 schedule on Twitter. Instead of referring to Washington as the ‘Redskins,’ the Giants referred to the organization as ‘Washington.’ This was done while other teams were referred to according to their mascot.

 Last year the Eagles were accused of only changing Washington’s name, so they retracted their move and referred to them as the ‘Redskins’ once again. And in the same fashion, the Giants also retracted their action and released another schedule on Twitter labeling the team as the ‘Redskins.’

 The backlash towards the Giants taking a stand against this insensitive symbol must have come from somewhere with some powerful influence. It can be seen as spineless if all it took was some dissatisfaction from the fans to change the term. Nonetheless, with actions like this taking place yearly, the pressure will be on the Redskins organization to make amends for a name many consider egregiously offensive.



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