W2W4: Giants Draft Day Approaching

The Giants Beat takes a look at what players are on Big Blue's draft board, the team's major positions of need and whether the front office could consider making a draft day trade?

The NFL Draft is just over a week away, and it's still a mystery as to what player the New York Giants are likely to select. There are many rumors floating around among fans, and even analysts, as the Giants have more than one hole to fill. Aside from whom the Giants will pick, it is an interesting topic of discussion as to if the Giants will possibly trade their 10th overall pick.

            The three main players that have been linked to the Giants Big Board, which is basically just a list the Giants have made of an order of the top overall prospects in the draft, include linebacker Leonard Floyd, wide receiver Laquon Treadwell, and offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley.

Floyd would make a great fill at linebacker. Assuming he could gain a few pounds to his lean frame, Floyd would finally give the Giants their starting middle linebacker.

After drafting Ereck Flowers in 2015, the Giants still need a right tackle. Stanley is a player who the Giants view as not only good value at the tenth overall pick, but also would make a great fill for a position they need.

Treadwell, much like Stanley and Floyd, would fill a position the Giants need. Regardless if Victor Cruz returns to the player he once was, the Giants need a number two receiver. Dwayne Harris is a special teams player, not someone you want as your second option for Eli Manning to throw the ball to.

Along with middle linebacker, wide receiver, and offensive tackle, the Giants have other positions of need, such as offensive guard, nickel cornerback, inside linebacker, and safety. Along with these positions, it wouldn’t hurt the Giants to upgrade in the run game, and add an above average pass-catching tight end, but at this point, the Giants need to focus on their biggest areas of need.

The possibility of the Giants trading their 10th overall draft pick should definitely be kept open. Although the Giants haven’t been linked to any trade talk, it makes perfect sense for them to trade the pick. They are in a slightly awkward spot, as the types of players that will likely be available around the 10th overall pick aren’t much better than the types of players that will be available around the 17th overall pick. Look for the Indianapolis Colts to be a trading partner with the Giants if Stanley is available, as the Colts need an offensive tackle.

Clearly, it isn’t very clear as to what the Giants have in mind heading into the draft, but if one thing is for certain, it should be that they are looking for a player who can come in and make an immediate impact.



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