Janoris Jenkins explains "Jackrabbit" moniker

Big Blue's newly signed cornerback sheds light on his interesting nickname.

Thursday was a very busy day in the New York Giants’ facility. The media had a chance to ask questions to not only general manager Jerry Reese, but also to players. Recent Giants’ signee, Janoris Jenkins, had an opportunity to answer some of the media’s questions Thursday afternoon.

When Jenkins was asked how he received his nickname, Jackrabbit, Jenkins went back his college days. 

“[I grew up] near West Palm Beach, and growing up I always chased rabbits. When I got to Florida [University], I didn’t really know the plays, and my coach saw that I was just moving everywhere, moving fast, so he just started calling me Jackrabbit”. Jenkins has made it very clear that he wants to be referred to as, “Jackrabbit”.

Not only did fans receive that memo, the media also referred to Jenkins as “Jackrabbit” throughout the press conference.

When asked what about the New York Giants sold him the most, Jenkins admitted he's excited to start a new chapter. 

“Just the organization. The players. I felt like it was time for me to have a new beginning. I felt like New York was my home and where I wanted to be, and so I made the decision to come here”. Throughout his career, Jenkins has been known to be a player that likes to have fun off the field. Jenkins is often seen having a good time out, whether that is at a restaurant or a club, New York City is the perfect location for him.

When asked what the atmosphere has been like, Jenkins was please with how welcoming his new teammates have been. 

“It’s been awesome. You know, the players, everybody is acting with each other. Just having fun, just talking. The thing that stood out for me was seeing the general manager, [Jerry Reese], walking around, going through the locker room, talking to the [players], and just trying to figure out what was going on. I felt like that meant a lot.” Jenkins played the past few years in St. Louis for what is now the Los Angeles Rams, so Jenkins reasoning to coming to New York was a curiosity among the media.

Jenkins also discussed his approach to the game and how he's not going to try and draw attention to himself. 

“I approach everywhere I go the same way. I stay in my own lane, do what I have to do both off the field and on the field, and just try not to be the headline of any papers”. This is certainty a good answer for the organization to hear. Many players have a desire to grab the headline and be in the media, but Jenkins made it clear he has no interest in being a topic of discussion, and just wants to do what is necessary for him and the Giants to succeed.

When asked how his relationship with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is and if he has been helpful getting to know the other players:, Jenkins responded,  

“It’s crazy because I didn’t know DRC, but in the offseason we found a way to link up, and then me coming here with him, he has just helped me out with certain things, because my terms in St. Louis were different from here. He just tries to help me out the best that he can. Like I said, it’s all about having fun and communicating”. Jenkins spent the earlier part of the offseason in his home state, Florida, with his new friend, Rodgers-Cromartie. Jenkins told the media that it is nice to have someone he knows entering the organization.

Jenkins will be paired alongside Rodgers-Cromartie in the 2016 season. For the Giants, they have to hope Jenkins’ hefty salary pays off and the Giants improve on their disastrous secondary from 2015.


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