GM Jerry Reese talks pre-draft philosophy

The General manager hasn't exactly been a draft wizard the past few seasons, but it shared his philosophy and method for selecting players ahead of the 2016 draft.

The NFL Draft, the most anticipated off the field event in sports, kicks off at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago on Thursday with each team trying to secure their winning hopes for the 2016 season.

            As there are many speculations as to who the New York Giants will take with their No. 10 pick, reporters crowded the press room to hear General Manager Jerry Reese give his annual pre-draft thoughts.

            Reese has been notorious for selecting the best player available at the time of the Giants pick, and he reiterated to the crowd that his philosophy will be utilized throughout the draft no matter the round.

  It’s the same thing,” Reese explained. “We put guys in the first row. We put guys in the second row and the third row. When it’s our time to pick, we try to pick the best player in the row.”

            To clarify, Reese and his staff section off the players into rows based on talent. As their picks turn up, the draft team chooses the best player in the row based on who is available. The plan seems pretty straight forward, but it occurs in the later rounds.

             The first round pick is obviously the most crucial, and like every other team, the Giants do not want to make a mistake on such a sensitive decision.

            “You’re not going to take a risk on your first round pick if your guy is a D,” Reese said. “If you’re in the sixth round and you’ve got an extra pick or if you’re in the seventh round and have an extra pick, you can take more risks in the later rounds because the value is not the same.”

            Reese hit the nail on the head as the first round pick’s value is the statement made by each team during the festivities. Take Odell Beckham Jr. for example. Some may say Reese took a risk with the wideout, but him and his team knew the impact the player could make for Big Blue.

            This is one instance where the draft went according to plan. Reese and Giants owner John Mara stated they would sit down and study their past drafts noting there is always room for improvement.

            “There’s always things that you find interesting when you do some research and there were some interesting things that we found,” said Reese.

            He was very discrete about the discovery and many other draft tactics and rightfully so as Reese has entered “draft mode.” Does Reese and the Giants have the two or three players they want to jump on in the first round? Most likely.

            Funny things do happen in the NFL Draft, and as it kicks off next week, Reese will be sure to take the best available when he locks in the tenth overall pick.


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