Jerry Reese doesn't rule out drafting a QB

The Giants GM realizes that Eli Manning is on the backside of his career and discussed the possibility of drafting the franchise's future signal-caller.

General Manager and Senior Vice President Jerry Reese recently held a press conference to talk about the moves the New York Giants have made this offseason and what they look forward to in the draft. The draft is beginning on Thursday April 28 and will end on Saturday, April 30

. Reese was asked about what exactly then planned on doing within the draft and his main goal to pick the best available at that time.

“We’re trying to put the guys up there in the best order that we can and pick the best player available when we pick.” John Mara, who is the president and CEO of the Giants, had previously said that this upcoming draft is more important than the previous drafts.

He also said that its time for Reese to pick it up and not stay complacent on what they did in free agency. When asked about Mara’s comments, Reese responded cool, calm, and collectedly to say

“All drafts are important to me," noted Reese. "I think when you say something like that, I think it gets taken out of context a little bit, but I understand what he was saying."

With Eli Manning getting up there in age, there is also a back thought about who can be the next quarterback to replace Eli. Reese wasn’t oblivious to saying that he hasn’t thought about it but he still believes in his quarterback’s ability.

“We think Eli has plenty of years left” said Reese, “but we’re always conscious of if there is a player in this drafts or a draft coming up that there is a quarterback available because you always want to try and have a quarterback in line ready to go as your quarterback gets older and is on the backside of his career.”

Reese is also looking to improve on every position if it’s possible within this upcoming draft while also hoping players from previous drafts continue to improve as well. The season will start to commence on Thursday, September 8. 


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