Giants GM: Any impact from Cruz is a 'bonus'

New York's front office leader didn't exactly put all his eggs in once basket with Victor Cruz.

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz has not played a regular season snap since October 2014. Cruz has played in only six games over the past two seasons due to various knee and calf injuries.

 Cruz however, says he is now 100% healthy and ready to fully participate in training camp.

 "I'm 100 percent. I feel good. No injuries, no ailments, nothing hurts, no pain."

 This is certainly encouraging news for Giants fans, but it should be taken with a grain of salt. Cruz was similarly optimistic at the beginning of last season, and he did not manage to play a single snap.

 Cruz would have likely been cut this offseason if he did not take a huge pay cut, agreeing to slash his 2016 $7.9 million base salary to $1.3 million. The Giants also have almost no depth at the wideout position, so if Cruz could regain some of his old form it would be a welcome bonus for the G-men.

 GM Jerry Reese recently stated that, “whatever the team gets from him in 2016 will be a bonus.”

 This suggests that the Giants are not expecting much production from Cruz this season, and will have to address the wide receiver position during this week's draft. Even so, having the threat of Cruz in the slot to take some pressure off of Odell Beckham Jr. would be a welcome sign, and the Giants can only hope that Cruz can show flashes of his former self. 


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