McAdoo: Cruz running routes, feels 100 percent

Victor Cruz is already working out with the Giants, but head coach Ben McAdoo wants to take the slow and steady approach to his return to the field.

 Another injury update is regarding former Pro Bowler Victor Cruz and his recent video online where he told the world he has begun running. Head coach Ben McAdoo is pleased with Cruz's progress, but admits that the talented wideout is taking things one step at a time. 

 “Victor is out here,” McAdoo said. “He’s running routes. He’s working hard. He feels he’s 100 percent, but we’re going to take it slow and we’re going to take small steps with him. When we deem him ready, we’ll put him on the field.”

 The news on Victor is also promising, but it is also typical that they would not be rushing his comeback this year. Given his injury riddled past, the Giants are hoping he returns to form alongside Odell Beckham Jr.

During a press conference with New York Giants first year head coach Ben McAdoo, fans got an inside look into how the new head coach is handling the beginning of offseason workouts.

 “The building has been buzzing here for a few weeks,” McAdoo said. “And the guys are excited to get back and get going. I think you felt that out here a bit today. It was a good first day. We didn’t do much out there other than train the fundamentals. We didn’t do any offense or any defense, but the guys were into it. It’s the first day. We have to keep it up.”

 With a flurry of new players and the new regime of McAdoo, one cannot help but feel the players would be excited at not only returning to work, but getting a feel for how McAdoo plans on running the show.

 “When practice started, I was looking for something to do,” McAdoo said. “But I think that’s pretty natural in the grand scheme of things. I have a chance to get around the defense a little bit more and really the positions other than the quarterback a little bit more than I have in the past two years. That’s exciting for me.”

 One of the major concerns with this offseason is the current condition of Jason Pierre-Paul and his injured hand. Last season he played with a large club on his right hand, which limited his ability to wrap up tacklers.

 “Today was just a jog-through,” McAdoo said. “It’s good to have him(Pierre-Paul) here in the offseason program. That’s a great start. Being the third week into it, we’ll have to see. We’ll have to get out there and we’ll have to do some offense vs. defense where he has a chance to work and do those types of things, but he’s already ahead of the game compared to last year.”

There was never an issue with Pierre-Paul’s ability to apply pressure. He had the ability to get in the backfield and make quarterbacks aware of his presence. But hearing he is ahead of where he was last year is a good sign and fans will be excited to see if the club makes another appearance or if there is an alternative method to protect his hand.

 Given the questions and concerns coming into the season, McAdoo seems calm and collected. And thus far, players have said nothing but good things regarding the first year head coach.



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