Donnell talks neck injury, TE competition

The Alabama native explains why he is accustomed to dealing with broken bones and didn't panic when he suffered a neck injury last season.

New York Giants tight end Larry Donnell was able to speak to Rick Laughland of The Giants Beat and team reporters about his broken bone in his neck, and how the competition at camp for tight ends will be this year.

 Donnell, a 6-6, 265 lb. tight end for the Giants, averaged 7.7 yards per game with a total of 223 yards, 29 receptions, and 2 TDs during the 2015 season. He suffered the neck injury in November and has now been given the clearance to return to play in the 2016 season.

I’m feeling great, wonderful. It’s been too many days. It just feels awesome to be back on this grass running around again, being able to play the game that I love.” Donnell said.

Donnell had to take his time this off-season and wait for his neck to become healthy again and heal up. He is glad he took the time to let his neck injury heal up, and not rush it.

“I’m from Alabama and we break bones all the time, so I’m used to it,” quipped the tight end.

With all the waiting Donnell had to do he was never afraid that he would not play football again.

I had all the faith in the world that I would be able to play again," stated Donnell. :"It was just a matter of getting the go-ahead so I could get back out here.”

Spring workouts are under way and summer camp is about to take place and Donnell says he is not afraid of taking contact again, and is ready for it.

 “I made the decision to play football and I don’t know where I’d be without it," said Donnell. "It’s what I love to do, so I’m ready to go.”

Donnell’s biggest competition at tight end this season is between Will Tye, and Jerome Cunningham. Tye had 42 receptions for 464 yards, averaging 11 yards per game, and had 3 TDs during the 2015 season. Cunningham had 8 receptions for 59 yards, averaging 7.4 yards per game with no TDs during the 2015 season.

As long as Donnell can stay healthy, and get back to a high level of play, the competition between the three tight ends should be intense. The Giants should feel secure with their tight end position as they'll have healthy competition at training camp this summer. 

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