Josh Norman: 'It's gonna be fun' facing OBJ

The newly signed Redskins cornerback didn't hide his emotions when asked about the prospect of facing Odell Beckham Jr. twice this upcoming season.

At this point, it is safe to say that Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman have developed a rivalry greater than that between any two other players. The rivalry was born in the Week 15 contest between the New York Giants and Carolina Panthers. Both players had high emotions heading into the games, and they both let their emotions get the best of them. Between Norman throwing Beckham to the ground, and Beckham launching himself into Norman’s head, nearly the entirety of the game was Norman and Beckham physically abusing one another.

After not signing his franchise tag quick enough, Norman had his franchise tag rescinded by the Panthers. The following day, Norman got on a plane and signed with the Washington Redskins. On Monday, Norman gave his insight on facing two of his nemesis, Dez Bryant and Beckham, twice per year.

“It’s gonna be fun” noted Norman. “He’s a competitor,” He added. “I’m gonna play. I’m gonna give everything I got just as well as he is … Whatever happens that day, it will happen. I don’t hold the future. But what I do know is that I’m gonna work my tail off until I see somebody that’s different. That’s all I’m bringing here. Just work. Work, work, work. Dedication to my craft. Everything else is pretty much irrelevant.”

Norman basically told the media exactly the opposite of what most NFL fans wanted to hear. He calmed the tensions both players had, making it clear he didn’t want the games to become an MMA fight like last year’s game.

All NFL watchers are awaiting the games between Beckham and Norman, as this is by far the biggest rivalry not only now, but also in the past few years. If both players are able to stick to football, stats tell us that Beckham will win the matchups, as Norman had a horrendous 10 percent success rate covering Beckham last season.

Before Norman’s presser on Monday, the last we words Norman had said about Beckham was that he was not a top 5 receiver, which the escalated into a “twitter-fight” between Beckham and Norman. As a matter of fact, Beckham indirectly sent some shade Norman’s way after his signing with the Redskins.

As far as Beckham goes, the media hasn’t had a chance to receive his thoughts on the signing yet, but when Beckham does meet the media, he can be sure to receive a flood of Norman-related questions.




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