Rashad Jennings: There's no such thing as over-training, it's called under-resting

Rashad Jennings admits that he's a workaholic, so fans shouldn't be surprised when he told reporters that he's a huge fan of Ben McAdoo's new training program.

Rashad Jennings is entering his third season as a New York Giants with a winning mentality, and is very excited to get the season underway. He played in and started all 16 games last season for the Giants and posted 1,159 all-purpose yards, and 4 TDs (3 Rushing, 1 Receiving).

 Jennings was able to speak to Rick Laughland of The Giants Beat and had only good words to say about new Giants head coach Ben McAdoo, and all of the winning qualities he brings to the team.

 “He is somebody who is in house, he understands the architecture of the team and as many of you know, we have a good team, we had a good team last year.”

 Jennings explains that having a head coach that knows the team, but won’t change the team; only build on the foundation of success is key for the the Giants during the 2016 season.

 Jennings says about Coach McAdoo, “You can expect a consistent man who is going to demand greatness from you, who is going to bring greatness himself. He is going to be the first in and the last out, he is meticulous, he is a militant about his work, he has high expectations and he is not a guy who plays favorites. He wants whoever is going to be the best player out there on the field. “

 This spring having consistent and effective training programs is key for the Giants success, and Jennings says the training program is focused on speed, power, velocity and force. Jennings thinks the program is going to make sure that the team is at full-speed come the regular season.

"Everything counts --- the way you eat, the way you sleep. I’m the type of person --- this is just me, but I don’t think there is such a thing as over-training; it is called under-resting, but that is just me personally, stated Jennings. "I am a workaholic but what we are doing, I think guys are going to respond very well to it, they already are just hearing the conversations in the locker room about the weight room program and running and conditioning and where it is moving forward.

"I think it can definitely cut down with some of the injuries, obviously that goes into a lot of other sciences, too, and it is football, c’mon now. You know, you don’t go into it thinking how I have to stay healthy, you are going in to figure out how to win a championship and you leave it up to the other professionals to make sure they have our back and we have the best staff to do that this year."

 As Jennings enters his seventh season in the NFL the offseason work outs are no surprise. He has been analyzing film of his game and focusing on the right spot at the right time, working on balance, and his explosiveness.

 This is year three in the same system and I have never been able to say that in my whole entire career, so I am excited about the speed and quick decisions I am going to be able to make this season to help the team win,” Jennings says.

 Jennings is ready to get the 2016 season underway with the Giants, and is ready to play.

My expectations are always when your name is called, go in and play.”




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