Eli Apple thought friends from NJ were pranking him when the Giants called on draft night

The Giants top draft choice nearly made the mistake of a lifetime.

 After an extremely interesting first 9 picks, the New York Giants turn on the clock arrived. As they continue their efforts to bolster their defense, they selected Eli Apple with the  No. 10 pick of round one. Apple is a cornerback from Ohio State who started 27 games out of 28 during his collegiate career. He has great size, length, athleticism, and is not afraid to get physical on the field.

 Apple had been waiting for his chance to break-in to the NFL for his entire life, so why did the former Ohio State star almost ignore a call from the team that was drafting him?

  “Yeah, that was like the first thing I thought about,” said Apple, who suspected a friend was prank calling him on draft night. “When I saw them calling me and it was a New Jersey number, it looked kind of familiar. I didn’t know if I had to pick it up. I was like, “Oh my goodness, this is probably one my friends trying to prank call me.” My mom was like, “Yeah, don’t pick it up.” My coach was like, “What you mean? Pick it up.” So I pick it up and it was one of the Giants coaches and I was very happy.”

  The Giants should be extremely excited to have Apple on the roster with his best football ahead of him. He ran a 4.40 second 40-yard dash, stands 6-foot-1 and weighs 199 lbs. Apple has a terrific wingspan, and with his great speed and footwork he is able to mirror and match from a press coverage position. He also possesses a competitive edge with his aggressiveness contesting catches, and when the ball is in the air.

 “I’m very confident,” admitted Apple. “I talked to the defensive coordinator and a couple of the other guys as well on the phone. They’re just very excited to have me come, and I am as well."

 The Giants were forced to think fast at pick No. 10 with Leonard Floyd off the board, and their choice of Apple is definitely one to be excited about. Most draft experts had Apple projected as a mid to late first round selection, so it was a bit of surprise he was selected in the top 10.

If he makes the transition from college to the NFL smoothly, and keeps up his great work ethic and competitiveness, Apple will have all the opportunities to be an impact player in New York this upcoming season. 


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