Giants select WR Sterling Shepard at No. 40

Jerry Reese and the Giants front office finally turned their attention to the offensive side of the ball in the second round of the draft.

The New York Giants go defense to offense in this year's 2016 NFL Draft as they select Sterling Shepard a wide receiver from Oklahoma. Sheppard who is 5’10” and weighs 194 pounds was selected in the second round with pick number 9, and 40th overall.

 Sheppard ran a 4.48 second 40-yard dash, and has a vertical jump of 41.0 inches. The separation he can create from his burst of speed, and extremely smooth routes makes him a great wide receiver pick for the Giants. Sheppard has a competitive attitude, and has great hands, catching 253 passes with only 8 drops during the 2015 season. He possesses the talent to get over the top on cornerbacks to track the ball and run underneath them for the catch. Sheppard can be extremely difficult to cover on his “whip” routes, and can adjust for high and low catches behind him on the run. Not only is he a gifted athlete, but with Odell Beckham Jr. taking him under his wing.

"I mean that’s one of the guys I look at," noted Sheppard of his admiration for Beckham. "I look at his game every week and I try to pattern my game after him. I was excited to be able to get drafted by the New York Giants and be able to play alongside him, as well as Victor Cruz—another guy that I look at, too. I’m excited."

 The Giants should be extremely pleased with the selection of Sheppard, he is a receiver who has the potential to make big plays, and accumulate a ton of catches. His winning attitude, work ethic, and competitive edge make him a candidate to be a top NFL receiver.

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