Reese compares Shepard to a young Victor Cruz

The Giants general manager had an interesting comparison for the team's second round selection Sterling Shepard.

            The New York Giants used their second-round pick in the NFL Draft on Friday night. They needed a take on a receiver who can bring a Victor Cruz effect to the team. However, Victor Cruz never got drafted but a play-alike successor just did. This valued player can help take on some pressure and attention off of Odell Beckham Jr. The team drafted Oklahoma Sooners wide receiver Sterling Shepard.

            “That’s one of the names that came up, a young Victor Cruz,” general manager Jerry Reese said to New York Post. “Very similar in some ways, body type.” Reese has described Shepard as “NFL-ready right now,” and Head Coach Ben McAdoo has agreed on the comparison to Cruz and also sees Shepard in some similarities from the former players he coached in Green Bay: Randall Cobb and James Jones. Although Shepard is not the required height, the team believes his “catch radius,” is much for his role as receiver.

            “That’s one of the guys that I look at a lot,” Shepard said. “Victor Cruz is a great receiver. We’re kind of the same size, same stature. I definitely look up to that guy. I can see some similarities.” Shepard started as a three-year starter at Oklahoma, played in 50 games for his four-year career. As a senior, he caught 86 passes for the 1,288 yards and 11 touchdowns. He also dropped only a 4.4 percent of passes that was thrown to him, that’s one of the lowest drop rates in the country.

Here are Shepard’s credentials:

The Player: Oklahoma Sooners wide receiver Sterling Shepard

The Skinny: Shepard is combined in total of 137 catches for the 2,258 yards with 16 touchdowns in his final two seasons at Oklahoma. With that, he improves every year. The Giants scouting director Marc Ross stated that Shepard is the guy who’d been making a great impression over years and always come away from the Oklahoma games. He is more accomplished college player that’s similar to Cruz. He’s 5-foot-10 and weighs 194 pounds, however wide receivers only can play bigger than their size. The team needs an offensive tackle or a safety that would been a better “need” to pick at the second-round draft. But they needed a wide receiver and Shepard is a heck of a football player.


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