Giants draft LB B.J. Goodson in Round 4

Big Blue landed an impact inside linebacker in the fourth round.

New York Giants fans have been clamoring for the team to draft a linebacker and their prayers were finally answered as they selected B.J. Goodson out of Clemson in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

 The former Tiger standout was the team’s defensive captain and led his unit with 108 tackles including 14 for a loss and 5.5 sacks.

“Definitely wanted to be there,” noted Goodson. “Definitely a legendary place…a place where football is very, very important. They talk about the New York Football Giants, man, and finding out how much that means to the city and the community…it’s really, really big.”

 While critics questions his ability to play in pass coverage and chase down speed ball-carriers on the perimeter, Goodson insists that he’s capable of playing all on three-downs.

 “Yes sir, definitely,” said Goodson. “At Clemson I played as a three-down linebacker. It’s normal, it’s natural to me. To me, it’s not a question, just something I want to work on every day and just something to get better at, perfecting my craft. You can never be too satisfied or never not be hungry, there’s always room for improvement.”

 Goodson spoke with reporters about the genesis of his nickname and how it’s stayed with him throughout college and now his professional career.

  "B.J. is a name that was given to me from my mother," noted Goodson. "My first name is Billy, my middle name is Javaris. My mother, she just wanted to call me B.J. It was something that just stuck with me from a kid."

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