Giants take South Carolina TE Jerell Adams in Round 6

Big Blue finally addressed the tight end spot with their final draft pick.

In the sixth round with the No. 184 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the New York Giants selected tight end Jerell Adams from South Carolina. Like the many young men who went out for the draft, he was not shy when expressing his gratefulness.

 “It was the best feeling ever,” Adams said. “It was a phone call I was waiting for forever. It was a dream come true.”

 The Former Gamecock will compete for playing time among new teammates Will TyeLarry Donnell, and Jerome Cunningham. The Giants have had a plethora of tight ends begin the year as their starter the last few seasons due to a lack of consistency at the position and a series of injuries.

 “I feel like I am more of an all-around tight end,” Adams said. “I feel like I can block very well and catch very well.”

 While another pass catcher will be valuable, the Giants are in need for some blocking talent at the TE position. Protecting Eli Manning is always a priority, but it is more important that the Giants running game get a kick start after a mediocre rushing attack last year, in which they ranked 18th in the league.

 “I feel like I can block very well and catch very well,” Adams said. “My weakness, I would say is me coming out of my breaks out of my routes. I can use some improvement on that but there is always work to be done, no matter how good you may think you are.”

 Adams’ attitude seems confident and also humble. He will have plenty of time to work on his route running, but will he have the ability to challenge NFL caliber LBs and DEs a the line of scrimmage? As the old saying goes, you cannot teach size. 


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