Marc Ross talks 2016 draft class, FA signings

New York's V.P. of Player Evaluation shared his thoughts on the Giants draft and what impending free agents Big Blue bring to fill out the roster.

The 2016 NFL Draft is over and the New York Giants have to be feeling good about their draft selections, in which they bolstered their defense and offense.  The only position the Giants did not get their hands on that they were looking to select was an offensive or defensive lineman.  The Giants Beat tuned in to Marc Ross, the Giants VP of Player Evaluation about the draft, and what plans are moving forward with acquiring free agents.

 Marc Ross was not surprised that the Giants did not acquire a lineman this year, and says,

“We weren’t going to force anything. You always want big bodies, but you want the right big bodies.” 

Ross says there were some discussions about drafting a lineman but no one was ranked high enough to make any final decisions.

 When Ross was told it was the first time in franchise history that the Giants did not draft a lineman he replies, “Alright, historic.”

 Ross was clearly not to worried about not getting a lineman, and was overall really happy with the way the draft worked out for the Giants. They are excited about the types of players they selected. Ross says, “Some playmakers, some football players as far as hard working guys who are going to come in here and be what we are all about here with the Giants.”

 The Giants selected most of their guys from big time schools, who also played a lot while being very productive. Ross says that the Giants did not have that as a game plan going into the draft, but that the “theme” of the draft forms itself as it continues through the process and meetings.

 Free Agency is the next big thing for the Giants, and they have a good amount of roster spots left, when asked about what a realistic number of undrafted free agents that the Giants will bring in he says,

“Probably like 12 or 15. Somewhere around there.”

 Ross says that it is a big number for the Giants to be looking to bring in, since the last few years they have brought in 10 or under. Some of the players the Giants are looking at will be invited to the rookie mini camp, but as for the guys they really want, no time will be wasted as the Giants pursue them.

 B.J. Goodson a LB from Clemson was selected 109th overall in the 4th round and is a player Marc Ross thinks the gap of being NFL-ready is not to large for.

“Temperament, mindset, football intelligence, competitiveness, he is NFL-ready in those aspects” Ross says.

Goodson was just a 1-year starter for the Tigers, but the Giants don’t seem to be worried. Most of Clemson’s better players last year were just one year starters, and as for Goodson, Ross is confident that he will come in and work his butt off to get on the field for the 2016 season.

 Did the Giants manage to address the ability to cover underneath in passing routes in this year’s draft? Marc Ross says that they can’t answer every issue with the selection of just a few guys. Some pressure will fall onto B.J Goodson’s shoulder if he finds his way to the field this season, but Ross says, “So is he that guy? He has the smarts. Do we have other people that can do that? Sure. Do we have other additions that can help out? Year. We will see how Spags draws it up and see what players he puts on the field and we will go from there. “

 The Giants also picked up Paul Perkins a running back out of UCLA , and think he was a good choice with a late round pick to help bolster the offense. He has a long list of qualities the Giants liked about him as Ross says, “he is a complete back, he has great vision, he has got one-cut quickness, excellent hands, competitive in the blocking game and outstanding off the field.”

 This year’s draft was definitely deep when it comes to the position of running back, and the Giants and Marc Ross felt comfortable taking Paul Perkins, who was the highest rated guy at the time of selection, and feels that he can help the Giants out offensively.

 With no 7th round pick Marc Ross hopes that it will help the Giants with acquiring some quality undrafted players. The focus can now be totally shifted onto free agents, and they can get their plan rolling. The Giants should be pleased with their draft picks this year, and all the players selected should help the team succeed in the 2016 season. The next big thing to keep an eye out on is who Marc Ross and the Giants go after during the free agency process.



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