McAdoo says rookies' 'hair will be on fire' during minicamp

The Giants head coach admits that he will throw everything including the kitchen sink at the 2016 draft class during minicamp.

Ben McAdoo’s first draft as Giants head coach has been warmly received by most analysts as the team selected high-potential picks on both sides of the ball throughout the weekend. While McAdoo himself seem pleased with the haul, he was more concerned with the overall process and trusting his camp’s instincts.


A lot of work went into it. I think we did a nice job of not having any kneejerk reactions and just trusting the board and trusting the work that everyone puts into it. The scouts put a ton of work into it, the coaches evaluate a lot of players, and you put all the input up, get it on the board and just trust the process.”


As a former offensive coordinator, McAdoo has taken part in the draft conversation before. This year though he got to be its co-chief decision maker alongside GM Jerry Reese.


“I was in the room the whole time. Had a chance to bounce some things off of Jerry, but at the end of the day, we both sat there and trusted the board and trusted the whole body of work. It’s been a long time coming when you get to this process and you just have to trust everything that you put into it.”  


Mirroring his mentor Tom Coughlin, McAdoo stressed the importance of picking high IQ football players that bolster the squad’s depth and can adopt the Giants’ next-man-up philosophy. As a result, the rookies can expect to have their ears full of information with McAdoo stressing the importance of the install and the playbook.


“Absolutely. Their hair will be fire once they hit the building until they leave. A lot of the vets have had the installs for a couple seasons…defense, for one year now. They’ve gone through a couple installs already with the minicamp and with the phase one work, so we are going to throw a lot at them and we’ll see how fast they can catch up. But we’ll have a chance to spend more time—you can spend more time in the afternoons with these rookies when the vets are out of here. That’s really their time to grow and digest the information.”



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