Norman: 'OBJ trying to steal my bologna'


Josh Norman talked about his life as a football player and an athlete in a short piece on The Players’ Tribune. He spoke of his style of play, his rise from obscurity, but most importantly for Giant fans, his on the field altercation with Odell Beckham Jr.  last year. The same contest Beckham was given a 1-game suspension for.

 While Norman is known to have a bit of a mouth on the field, he offered a criticism of the fans and commentators who felt he broke some codes of sportsmanship.

 “When Odell and I went at one another last year, people got mad,” Norman said. “Imagine that. People who watch this sport every Sunday and say they love it actually pretended to be offended. They don’t see the beauty in it. They don’t see the truth.”

 “The guy lining up across from me, he knows the truth. There are a lot of people who watch this game, or who are paid to commentate on it, who might not understand the true reality. They might get offended. They might think we’re animals.”

 Norman has a point. The game itself is brutal. These young men sacrifice their bodies and future mental health considering the concussion issues. And we, the fans, enjoy the action, the barbarism, the impact of the players pushing themselves to the brink. However, in this one moment when the fourth is wall is broken so to speak, the two were labeled as unsportsmanlike and immature.

 “But Odell and I, we know the truth,” Norman said. “Anybody who makes it to this level knows it. The truth is that on the football field, he’s trying to steal my bologna, and I’m trying to steal his. See you twice a year, bro.”

 Norman’s comments are far from hostile. Instead, he puts himself and Beckham on the same pedestal. His implication is that there is a feeling on the field that no one but the players can understand.

 Either way, it will be exciting to see what happens when they next cross paths on the gridiron. All eyes will look towards to their matchup twice a year and if sparks will fly yet again.  



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