Paul Perkins adjusting to Giants West Coast System

Running back Paul Perkins could be a player to watch as he tries to climb his way up the Giants roster.

One of the more intriguing selections from the NFL Draft was the New York Giants selection of running back, Paul Perkins. Perkins tallied 3,491 yards and 29 touchdowns over the course of his 3-year college career at UCLA. On top of his impressive rushing totals, Perkins also hauled in 80 receptions, totaling for 739 yards and 3 touchdowns at UCLA. Perkins was the Giants 5th round selection in this years’ NFL draft.

            Perkins had a chance to give a first impression to Giants coaches over the past few days, as the Giants have been holding rookie minicamp. The toughest change for most college players going from college to the NFL is the potential change of offense or defense. Since there are many different types of offenses used on both the college and NFL level, players usually have to adapt to their new teams’ offense once they are out of college and on an NFL team. Perkins, like most, agreed that the change of offenses was a very tough transition.

“Coming from the spread offense at UCLA and now coming to the Giants, where they’re huddling up and verbiage is so different from college.” Perkins said. “Just getting the words down and the plays down are the hardest part.”

Though it sounds like the transition hasn’t been the easiest thing for Perkins, he was able to attend Justin Tuck’s retirement press conference with his fellow rookie teammates. Hopefully the rookies were able to understand the type of leader Tuck was for the Giants, and the fact that the Giants lack a type of leader that Tuck was. Aside from Tuck, Perkins wasn’t able to meet many other players.

“I saw Justin Tuck today [at his retirement ceremony], so that was pretty cool, but other than him, I didn’t see anybody else.”

Though the rookies were not able to stay for the entire length of the Tuck’s press conference, they were given an opportunity that very few had. Perkins made it very clear that he took advantage of that opportunity, adding that he watched Tuck play for the Giants years ago.

“I thought it was awesome.” Perkins noted. “I watched Justin Tuck and that whole team as I was coming up. So seeing him retire is an honor for me to sit and watch and be a part of that.”

All in all, Perkins sounds like he is enjoying rookie minicamp, and that he is very appreciative for being able to attend Tuck’s press conference. As far as Perkins chances of making an impact during the season, Perkins will have to show that he truly deserves to play, as the Giants have at least two players, Shane Vereen and Rashad Jennings, ahead of him on the depth chart.



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