Goodson on NYC: 'It’s a great city of defense'

The Clemson product respects the Giants tradition of stingy defense.

With the selection of Clemson’s B.J. Goodson in the 4th round, the Giants are hoping to take care of their urgent and longstanding need for a consistent, physical linebacker. Although not the fastest or most athletic, Goodson has shown himself to be tough and unafraid to toil; qualities he knows are held in the highest regard at the Meadowlands.


The history here speaks for itself. It’s a great city of defense. When you think of defense, this is one of the cities you think of. So it’s a great thing to be a part of it.”     


As a tiger, Goodson transitioned from outside linebacker to the middle where he played for only one year.  He’s hoping to remain there for the duration of his career but given the Giants’ recent history of injuries as well as their next-man-up philosophy, he is planning to get acquainted to the nuances of his former role.   


Right now I’m working on the inside linebacker position, but I will definitely be learning all linebacker positions. You never know what will happen with injuries, so I’m just getting ready to make my contribution.”


It would be easy to assume that Goodson is getting lost in the bright lights of New York City given his small town roots of Lamar, S.C. Quite the contrary, the 22 year old is trying to stay grounded and focus on the really important things in life.


“I try to keep life simple. Football is first, my faith and family, of course. I try to keep life simple and not make things bigger or smaller than what they are.”

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