Ross: Shepard is 'the guy who makes plays'

His reputation precedes him and the Giants knew exactly what they were getting when they drafted Sterling Shepard in Round 2.

Marc Ross the Vice President of Player Evaluations for the New York Giants was able to speak with The Giants Beat and team reporters  about the selection of Sterling Shepard of the second round in the NFL Draft this year. Ross says why the selected the Oklahoma star, “He’s a guy that you go to Oklahoma, especially over the last few years – you go to certain schools and there are young guys, and you think ‘Who is that guy?’ He’s been that guy at Oklahoma because he’s always made plays. He’s quick, athletic, competitive and savvy. He’s has been a playmaker for them since the time he stepped on campus.

 Shepard may not be the tallest but he is so competitive when going after the ball it makes him a great selection by the Giants to help improve their already powerful wide-receiver arsenal they have.

 He plays bigger than his actual size”, Ross says.

 Ross says that Shepard has the ability to break tackles, play big, and tough which is why he was their second pick. Shepard has no fear of taking a hit when going after a ball in the middle, and can make guys miss and will keep gaining yards to make them pay for the missed tackle.

 “He’s rocked up. He’s not a frail, short guy. He’s thick and muscled up.”

 With Sterling Sheppard being a senior it is truly shocking that the Giants were able to get their hands on him Ross said.

 “You never see a top player stay for all four years. He had a nice body of work, as opposed to a junior who does one year and comes out of nowhere. This guy has done it for a few years. So when you go to Oklahoma, you always hear about Sterling Shepard – the guy who makes plays.

 The one game that really put Shepard on the Giants scout board, was his game against the University of Tennessee where Oklahoma was down. Shepard started scouring touchdowns, and making big catches to get his team back in the game. Now, that is a player the Giants want, someone who knows how to win games. 

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