Giants offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan offers high praise for WR Sterling Shepard, RB Paul Perkins

Ben McAdoo's right-hand man is thrilled with the Giants rookie draft class.

What is the rookie minicamp all about?

It’s about the coaches throwing as much as they can to new rookies and players to see how they respond on the field. New York Giants have opened up their rookie minicamp with six draft picks, 14 undrafted free agents, and dozens of players who were tryout players. Of the 14 undrafted rookies that were signed by the Giants, Offensive Coordinator Mike Sullivan is seeing how the players can contribute the team for this season.

            Sullivan has checked up on players like Sterling Shepard and Paul Perkins. “I liked Sterling Shepard a lot. I did an evaluation of him; I thought there were some things that jumped off the tape. There was a competiveness we liked a lot, a physicality,” Sullivan said in admiring Shepard’s footage. He stated how Shepard is like a Victor Cruz and he will be a great asset for the team.

For Perkins, Sullivan offered equal praise.

“He has such great versatility," noted the Giants offensive coordinator. "He has shown the ability off of his college tape to take the ball, hit the homerun ball so to speak, so there is just some versatility that makes us very excited to see if he can be someone that can be, not necessarily a situational guy but a guy that can be there for all three downs.”

Since the team brought in undrafted receivers who can jump off the page, Giants beat reporters asked Sullivan about what he seen so far at minicamp

“It is early just because as I said we just had the jog through so I will know more," noted Sullivan. "If we did this after practice today or tomorrow, I will have a little better sense but just based upon what I saw from those guys in college, you look at the fact that as we mentioned earlier,”

As far as the expectations for the Giants rookie draft class, Sullivan is a believer in Ben McAdoo's scheme.

 “Our scheme is set up so that there are opportunities for guys to utilize their skillsets, whether it is winning on the inside or being better on some of the intermediate short routes or having the vertical speed, so I think there are certainly some opportunities for those guys to kind of step in to the mix. It is going to raise the level of all those players and give us some good things to have as far as seeing who will get on the field.”  




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