McAdoo likes what he sees from Apple, Shepard

Giants rookie minicamp is only in its initial phase, but head coach Ben McAdoo admits that the team's first and second round selections look like they're for real.

Friday marked the first day of New York Giants rookie minicamp and all six drafted players plus the 14 undrafted free agents were in attendance for the workouts. New head coach Ben McAdoo  answered questions after his first rookie minicamp as a head coach.

            Though many wanted and expected McAdoo to have a "Tom Coughlin style” during the offseason, minicamp for both the rookies and returning players has been very different than it was during the Coughlin era. Music has been blasting from the beginning to the end of practice, there has been a very high energy, there have been less breaks, and players just seem to be much more intense this year than in past years. McAdoo was asked if this “hectic” type of vibe is going to be the norm.

“That is part of it. We have a bunch of guys in here, young guys who are chomping at the bit to show what they can do and earn their keep.” McAdoo said.  “[There are] a lot of tryout guys that want to get a chance to get in the mix and their hair is on a fire a little bit.”

The Giants selected cornerback, Eli Apple, with their first round pick, and wide receiver, Sterling Shepard, with their second round pick. Both players will have many opportunities to go against each other throughout the offseason. Yesterday gave McAdoo a glimpse of what the Apple-Shepard matchup will look like. Asked about how the two players performed against one another, McAdoo gave a very positive answer, crediting the players’ love for football.

“Well, I’ll say this about them, they look like they like football players and that is a great place to start.” McAdoo noted. “They are cerebral guys and they didn’t have any trouble lining up or understanding their assignments, so that is a great place to start.”

Over the past week, Giants fans expected to hear a lot from the new players on social media. However, it was not the players who the fans heard from, but E. Apple’s mother, Annie Apple, was quite active over the past week on twitter. First, A. Apple made a comment regarding girls “sliding into new NFL Rookies DMs”. Also, A. Apple was a bit upset at the lack of deserts served at the after party for the first round of the NFL Draft. When McAdoo was asked about family members becoming personalities on social media, a reference to A. Apple, McAdoo gave the most simplified, common answer.

“My message to anyone on social media is to think twice and hit send once, and I think that is a good place to start.”

For the Giants, it sounded like the first day of rookie minicamp went smoothly. As for A. Apple, she ended up receiving brownies from NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, so it is safe to say all is well in the Apple household. 


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