McAdoo, Sullivan formulating offensive attack

With Ben McAdoo providing the framework for the offense and Mike Sullivan handling playcalling, the Giants will be in good hands this upcoming season.

New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo will be orchestrating the offensive game plan while offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan will be in charge of calling plays off this season Since the draft is over as well as free agency, this means that we will have to see what the Giants will show us. There may be small additions for the incoming months, especially if maybe veterans were key positions that’s available for the team. For the most part of this, this is what the team has.

            What do they have if you may ask? They have a team that looks improved after a $200 million infusion of talent that’s put into what’s the NFL worst defense, and that was the season that had minor tweaks to an offense that ranked the eighth in the NFL. The team is in banking on the defensive overhaul that’s making a difference in the last five games they have lost last season after the team blow fourth-quarter leads. They are now convinced that for this season they need a presumed boost that can make them a playoff team once again.

            Head Coach McAdoo has a creative enough offensive mind, which is needed to turn the team into an unstoppable force. The selection of Sterling Shepard has underscored his mind. “We’re fortunate he was on the board where he was,” McAdoo said. “Odell is a difference maker. He’s going to be a little bit of everywhere, so the other positions have to have some flexibility.”

            With Mike Sullivan, he says the team will be tailoring their schematics to show the opponents the new look of the team. “We teach them all the spots,” Sullivan said via ESPN. “The more we can make our system schematically friendly so that guys aren’t necessarily locked in and dimed with this player or that player but just think big-picture so they have that versatility, it helps. Because ultimately, when guys start to become a factor, you move them around. Odell is a great example of that.” Sullivan stated that players like Sterling Shepard and Victor Cruz could be the feature players that sweep plays and passes that in many ways can get the team’s to return to the playoffs.

            McAdoo and Sullivan will have to bunch these players or more up to the line for the team this season. 


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