Damon Harrison emotional after buying his mom a house

The NFL defensive tackle came from humble beginnings and made his mom's dreams come true when he bought her a house this past week.

Most third graders promise their mothers they will do their homework, but young Damon Harrison made his mom a promise that would change her life forever. Harrisons mother never thought she would be able to own a house, but her son had a different idea. From an early age, Harrison was more content with the thought of giving than receiving.

At 6-foot-4, 350 pounds, Harrison is one of the most intimidating defensive tackles in the league, but he broke down during the heartwarming family moment.
 At just 8 years old, he told his mother he would buy her a house one day. In a recent Twitter post, Snacks revealed that his dream came true as he shared the proud moment with his 29,000 followers.


It was a house she wanted for a while and it was unexpected, so she cried and my fiancé cried as well, so everybody was emotional in the house.

I did [cry]. I just didnt want to tell you guys, Harrison said.

Harrison grew up in the projects of New Iberia, Louisiana where the stability of the Harrison family was always in doubt. Along with five other family members, Snacks struggled to maneuver around their tiny apartment that [could] fit in the kitchen of his mothers new house, as he described it. However, this minimalistic environment did not take away from Harrisons immense ambition and driving desire to succeed.

Harrisons love for athletic competition was ignited through his role on the basketball court. As a thriving point guard, he had to take a step backwards when he tore his meniscus during his junior year of high school. The injury caused him to put on more than 40 pounds and thus, Damon Snacks Harrison, the immovable run stopper, had evolved.

He overcame the injury, but yet another obstacle was put in his path with the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. The disaster destroyed his home, forcing him to stay at a shelter with his family. This tragedy came at a critical point in his life as he was ready to graduate high school.

He once again showed his resilience and continued to exceed expectations after being named Defensive MVP and Offensive Lineman of the Year.

Although he achieved great success in his early career, he was not highly recruited out of high school because he only started playing the game his senior year. Getting a late start caused him to be overlooked by most institutions, leading him to end up at Northwest Mississippi Community College. After being cut from the team, he returned to his hometown as a stocker at Wal-Mart.

He eventually transferred to William Penn University where he became a powerful force for the team. He had a strong feeling he would be drafted in the 2012 NFL draft, but his name was never called.

As an undrafted free agent, Harrison knew he still had a lot to prove, but was willing to put in the work.

That is just me naturally. I dont take anything for granted. I appreciate everything that is given to me and everything, even if I have to work for it, that is just me, Harrison said.

Although he was an undrafted free agent, Snacks made an overwhelming contribution to the Jets defense as a prominent run stuffer for the New York Jets. Known for his extreme power and strength, Harrison was virtually immovable for opposing lineman and created havoc for offensive coordinators to game plan against such a large force.

Now Harrison has taken on a new role for the New York Football Giants to fortify a D-Line that was criticized for their inability to perform. Through his larger than life personality and stature, Harrison plans to create bigger and better opportunities, playing for the other team at MetLife Stadium, wishing to make positive contributions to the 32nd ranked defense in the NFL.

Be on the lookout for the New York Giants as a potential playoff contender led by big No. 98 anchoring the defensive line.









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