Weatherford kicked out of gym for 'grunting'

Steve Weatherford is a workout maniac and his histrionics during his workout resulted in getting the boot from a Chicago gym.

Former New York Giants punter and social media guru Steve Weatherford usually invites his followers to get in the gym. Unless that gym is a Planet Fitness.

            The fitness motivator recently went on a rampage in a Chicago Planet Fitness after he was asked to leave for “grunting.” Not pleased in the slightest, Weatherford decided to go to his favorite social media outlets to make quite the exit.

“Guys, I just want to apologize to you all for being such a savage at Planet Fitness,” Weatherford shouted on his Snapchat account. “I’ll never be back.”

Weatherford uploaded this video to his Instagram with a long caption urging his 215,000 to boycott Planet Fitness. The post has amassed over 6,300 likes and has almost 1,000 comments that all stand on his side.

Though hilarious, Weatherford had a valid reason for his reaction. As he states in his caption, “a gym should be a place that encourages, motivates and inspires you to build the best version of yourself possible.” To be asked to leave because of “excessive breathing/grunting” as he wrote just shows that Planet Fitness doesn’t accept their patrons going their hardest to get better.

What makes this encounter even funnier is the fact that the manager set off a siren that notified Weatherford he was working too hard. Planet Fitness prides itself on being a “Judgment Free Zone,” yet objectifying a paying customer for giving 100% is judgment at its finest.

Despite its oddities, the fitness chain continues to grow in popularity. However, Weatherford will no longer be caught in at these establishments that offers pizza and donuts while you work out.

 He would rather be a “savage” elsewhere.


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