Exclusive Video: The Giants Beat at OTA's

Big Blue's offensive line is a major question mark heading into training camp and is already becoming a major area of focus for critics.

        After a heavy-spending offseason, the New York Giants still have areas in which they seemingly have fans worrying. One of those areas is the offensive line. In specific, the right side of the o-line has not been upgraded from last season, yet, the right side of the o-line was disastrous for the Giants.
        Last season, Geoff Schwartz, who was released by the Giants earlier this offseason, started for the Giants at right guard. Marshall Newhouse, who is still a member of the team, started at right tackle. Schwartz being cut should say enough about his performance, most notably his inability to stay on the field. Newhouse was just horrendous last year. Newhouse played for the Packers while head coach Ben Mcadoo was a coach of the Packers. Mcadoo's role with the Giants was credited for the signing of Newhouse.
       Heading into the 2016 regular season, Newhouse is the projected starter at right tackle, and veteren John Jerry looks like the starting right guard. This duo should worry both the Giants and their fans as it is nowhere near an upgrade from last season, and if anything, is a downgrade with the addition of Jerry as a starter. Though the Giants have said they feel confident with this duo, there should be a lot of caution as the run game benefits most off of the right side of the o-line, and Eli Manning is protected from the right side of the o-line.
        This late in the offseason, there is not much the Giants can do in terms of upgrading the right side of the o-line. With that said, the right side of the o-line will benefit from the Giants upgraded defensive line. Having to guard Olivier Vernon, Jason Pierre-Paul, Damon Harrison, and Johnathan Hankins will definitely help Jerry and Newhouse get used to guarding some of the top defensive lineman in the NFL.
       At this point, the Giants can't look back and have to work with what they have in Jerry and Newhouse. Giants fans should be concerned with Jerry and Newhouse starting on the o-line, and as of now, this is by far the weakest part of the Giants offense.

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