Jason Pierre-Paul won't be celebrating America's Independence Day this year

The Giants defensive end has a much different plan for the Fourth of July this year.

Nearly one year since his horrific Fourth of July fireworks accident that resulted in a gruesome injury to his right hand, New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul will be traveling out of the country for America's Independence Day. 

"I will be gone," Pierre-Paul said flatly. "I won’t even be in the United States." 

When pressed by reporters as to what country he'll be venturing to, Pierre-Paul remained tight-lipped and acknowledged that he won't be celebrating with fireworks this time around.

"I won’t tell you," snapped Pierre-Paul. "Where I’m going, they don’t celebrate the 4th of July."

The Giants are wrapping up their voluntary OTAs this week before mandatory minicamp opens next week. Pierre-Paul plans to replace the club that he fashioned last year with a specialized glove that will allow him more range of motion and flexibility.

The former USF standout insists that the missed tackles fans were accustomed to seeing last season will be a thing of the past, but he admits that he will likely not be 100 percent at any point moving forward. 

 "I will never be completely back to normal, but I am doing everything that they ask me to do," admitted Pierre-Paul. "I find ways around it. That is why I am out there today. I am lifting weights, I’m out here with the guys. I won’t say it is normal, but it is normal for me. I can deal with it."



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