McAdoo: JPP 'looks a lot more comfortable'

Jason Pierre-Paul has regained strength in his right hand and has been getting back to the basics during OTAs.

 Last year, Jason Pierre-Paul suffered a major injury during a horrible Fourth of July fireworks catastrophe where he lost his right index finger, while parts of this thumb and middle finger also deteriorated.

Due to his injury, the Giants leading DE struggled to maintain his impactful presence on the field with a “club” holding together his severely damaged right hand. JPP ended the 2015 season with 21 tackles and 1 sack, which was less than half of his totals in the previous year.

 After undergoing a successful surgery and constant physical therapy, he is making a great recovery and trying to make up for lost time after being absent for half of the season last year.

 He is regaining movement in his hand after a year of healing and is confident in his ability to perform this season. McAdoo weighed in on the transition during OTAs.

 "He has definitely improved his fundamentals. Im sure if you asked him, he would be able to give you a pretty good indication of it. He looks a lot more comfortable. He has always been a very disruptive player and we expect that to continue.”

 The team has high hopes for these players as they continue to surmount obstacles and contribute to a talented group of guys with exceedingly high potential. 


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