Marshall Newhouse is his own worst critic

Big Blue's offensive lineman has been under fire, but he admits that he is still harder on himself than any critic.

Marshall Newhouse is a 27 year old first team tackle that has received a great deal of criticism throughout his career. A former Miami Dolphin, any type of scrutiny that Marshall was under in Florida only multiplies with the big market of New York. Yet the seven year veteran is not letting it get to him.

 “ I self-assess myself harder than anyone can ever criticize me,” noted Newhouse. “So anything that is said, I have thought about it and critiqued it harder than they ever could have.”

Newhouse takes the what the media says against him as a way to motivate himself to improve on his weaknesses and work ethics. Being that this will be his second year with the The New York Giants, there is a comfort level that Newhouse has established within himself and the offensive line.

“ I don't mind it, but yeah it would help having the same guy next to you,” when asked about if there is a less concern of knowing the guy next to him. Newhouse does comment though that the offensive line “ is the one group that you need five guys on the same page.” With Newhouse blocking out the critics, he is coming into the football season more focused than ever.



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