Who's Hot and Who's Not?

A look at some of Big Blue's players who are on the rise and some who are on the decline.<BR><BR>

who's hot…

LB Nick Greisen

He was clearly the best Giant on the field in Foxboro and looks to have quite a huge role with this team this season. Don't be surprised if he ends up taking as many snaps - if not more - than some of the starting LBs.

CB Ralph Brown

He was the incumbent and he's done everything necessary to hold onto the precious nickel corner job. He's going to be counted on heavily this year and so far has shown that he doesn't plan to let the Giants down.

S Johnnie Harris

Sure he might be just the club's third safety, but the defensive coaches are discussing multiple scenarios that would have Harris on the field in place of a linebacker for extended periods of time.

TE Marcellus Rivers

It now appears that it's between Rivers and Darnell Dinkins for the third TE spot, unless New York keeps all four. Rivers, New York's special teams MVP last season, has really stepped it up in Albany lately.

FB Jim Finn

He still might not exactly be a serious offensive threat, but the guy just doesn't make mistakes. He's a consistent dependable blocker, the kind of guy that Tiki Barber would love to have around. Whether the Giants keep one fullback or two, Finn will be heading south with the big club.

…who's not

RT Ian Allen/RG Tam Hopkins

Sure it was only one game but the new right side of the OL had better improve - and fast.

WR Ron Dixon

Should we reserve a spot for His Royal Tardiness on this list next week as well? How many more chances will he get? This might have been his last in New York.

FB Charles Stackhouse

He's fallen behind Finn and might not be able to get up at this point. Started camp well, but has struggled lately.

CB Kato Serwanga

Teammates wondered if Serwanga was a little shaky mentally before he up and left the club in the middle of a practice. He has to step it up between the white lines to hold onto the fourth CB job.

S Ryan Clark

Punching a teammate and getting thrown out of practice isn't exactly the smartest way to score brownie points with Fassel.

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