Victor Cruz returns to Giants practice field

Big Blue's talented pass-catcher was finally able to go out and practice with his teammates this week.

The smell of grass on Victor Cruz cleats has been long overdue for the New York Giants wide receiver.

After long months of rehabbing, the wideout was able to step on the practice field to run a few routes and finally be a real part of the team in this year’s OTAs. Though it wasn’t much, Cruz admits that was a big step forward.

“It’s definitely a step in the right direction,” Cruz said before the media asked question after the workout. “I just want to continue to take good steps forward.”

It was part of “the plan,” according to Cruz, to get out on the field with his teammates to see if the rehab was actually working. Luckily for him, the cogs were all working in sync which tempted the trainers to allow Cruz out on the field.

            If fans remember, the last time Cruz tried to push himself and get back on the field as fast as possible, there were major setbacks that ultimately ended any chance at playing time in 2015. This time around, Cruz is wary about last year’s disappointments, but knows he must be confident if he wants to be on the field come game day.

            “I have to trust my body and trust that the work I’ve put in has paid off,” Cruz explained. “I just want to put everything behind me, put it all out there on the field, and just continue to do my best.”

            July 28 is the end of the line, so to speak, for Cruz as it is the official start to training camp. Bodily everything needs to be working smoothly if he is to endure some real football, more specifically contact.

            As for now, it is a good sign seeing the 29-year-old planting hard in his routes and running at full speed alongside his wide receiving core. His presence on the field is even the punchline for a couple of jokes among the team.

            “They were like ‘Who’s the new guy?’,” Cruz said talking about the cheers he got while performing in the gauntlet drill. “They always kill me with that stuff, but it was good. It was fun being out there with the team and I was definitely excited to be back.”  


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