McAdoo wants Giants to enjoy "Prepcation"

Big Blue's head man trusts his players to use good judgement during their time off the next few weeks.

The New York Giants will have six weeks off before they start training camp at the end of July. During last year's gap between minicamp and training camp, Jason Pierre-Paul suffered a gruesome injury to his hands after a fireworks accident on July 4. First year head coach Ben McAdoo wants to coin the term "Prepcation," so that his players enjoy their time off, but stay out of trouble and get their minds and body ready for camp next month. While Pierre-Paul already informed reporters that he won't be in the United States for Independence Day, the last thing the Giants need is another off the field distraction this summer. 

McAdoo has set an early tone for the team during minicamp that has permeated the entire locker room. The Giants still have veteran leaders including Eli Manning and Rashad Jennings to keep things in order, but McAdoo is making a habit of empowering his players and trusting them to act responsibly. New York's head man admitted that he will take some of the time off to spend with his family, but told reporters that its hard to separate himself from something that is his life and passion. With over a month to get ready for the training camp grind, McAdoo's Giants will hope to stay out of the headlines the next few weeks. 


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