Rashad Jennings prepping for starting RB role

Big Blue's rusher is ready to take the bulk of the carries this upcoming season.

Putting the spotlight on RB Rashad Jennings for the upcoming season could be a risky move for the New York Giants.

 At age 31, Jennings is at the point where most running backs approach a decline and even retire. Recently, there has a been a new wave of players retiring early due to the abuse that their bodies have endured throughout the years. In an effort to maintain future health, players are leaving the game earlier than expected and given Jennings history of injuries, it is likely that he will follow suit and become a statistic that lends itself to the trend.

 However, it does not seem like he is ready to give out anytime soon. His determined attitude proves otherwise as he is prepared to be the Giants starting RB once again. He came out with a new intensity last year and rushed for 863 yards, while averaging 4.4 yards per carry. He excelled toward the end of the season and only gave fans another reason to be optimistic about the potential of this team.

 He is no stranger to defying the odds and perhaps he can prove that he is not a walking statistic. Jennings came from a small, DI-AA school and made the transition to being a key RB for the Jaguars as a 7th round pick in the 2009 NFL draft.

 Regardless of his in game performance, his analytic mindset is a great asset to a young group of guys adjusting to the league. He helped fellow teammates Andre Williams and Orleans Darkwa develop in their rookie year with his leadership and role as a mentor throughout the season.

He will continue to be a source of wisdom and leadership as Paul Perkins hopes to find his niche with the team this year. He will be joining a crowded backfield featuring a roster with 6 running backs.

Jennings cannot make definitive predictions about his role, but he is prepared to be the primary ball carrier.

Its never up to me. Same thing, you could rewind every single tape youve ever heard me talk about my experience in the league. Im going to prepare like Im a starter every single year. This wont be any different,Jennings said.






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